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Video Poker RNG - Secrets of Video Poker Machine

The microchip inserted into the gambling machine can have a big impact whether one will win or lose. Of course, the way you play the hands is important, however, the computer chip is commonly known as the RNG offers the opportunity to make intelligent play or spoil the entire process. To make it simple, just think of the machine for video poker games as a computer, its better to consider this since that's exactly the way it is. Imagine the computer that you have at your office or home, it has been programmed to perform certain tasks. The required hardware is available but it would need specific instructions to perform and that is the reason you have to purchase software.

How does the RNG work in video poker games?


The computer will perform the tasks within some parameters according to the instructions. One can start one program and allow it to run and then open another program without interrupting the first program. When the computer gets command to print, it sends specific instructions to printer and continues the work , it would not have to wait till the document is printed. The same logic applies to the Video Poker games, except for the fact that software is customized for that game. The computer would be programmed in a manner to generate every type of poker hand repeatedly. We calculate in minutes and hours, whereas the computer operates in nanoseconds. The amount of time that you take to request the hand, in the same time the computer would have passed through all the possible combinations more than hundred times.

Why learn about the RNG?

It's not mandatory for us to know how this magic happens, however it is indeed interesting. Every card in the deck would be identified in the computer through a symbol. But for some players it would be interesting to know what RNG is. Also the computer has the instructions to constantly churn and mix the symbols in such a way that the combinations would be random. At a point where you give a detailed command to the computer it flashes all the symbols getting juggled at that moment on the video screen. For a computer these symbols that represent cards might appear like symbols, however on the screen the symbols are displayed as the Jack of Diamonds, Ten of Hearts, Three of clubs and Queen of Spades. It seems as if a part of computer is the universal translator. These symbols are in video poker however are displayed as the pictures of particular cards that are understood by humans.

For instance if you are lucky enough to request for a hand exactly at the precise split-second when the great is being made, you will be a winner automatically or you may be supplied with many alternatives by the computer, it may offer you cards which have multiple choice question, in which the answer can be 1,2,3,4 or none from them. All the slot games run on the RNG and even all the video poker games. The RNG makes these games completely random and thus fair for all the players. Also, with RNG there is nothing players can do in order to cheat at the games.

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