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Video Poker Myths Revealed


Casino legends, myths and other similar stuff makes some people laugh and some to be scared. Every game in a casino has its own myths and stories which surround it. These myths are mostly surrounded by the ideas of players on how to play game correctly or how to win it which are not really true but are based on imagination and some rumours. Given below are a few myths related to video poker and the truth about them. The roots of video poker go to the 1970s, when the first machines made for playing poker.

Some video poker machines are loose...

The truth is that there are no machines which are loose or tight. Video poker is a type of slot machine game and just like slots every single machine has its own payout percentage and the results are completely random. For this reason there are no machines which are prone to give out more royal flushes.

If you bet the maximum, you will only get trash hands...

There is no relation between the amount you bet on the video poker machine and the type of hands that you get. Video poker machine runs on the random number generator which is a program responsible for the results of the game. The program provides totally random results no matter how much you bet.

If a machine just gave out a royal flush, it would not give out another...

Video poker machines are totally random and a machine would never be due for payment. The results are totally random and so the chances of hitting the royal flush are the same for every single bet. The machine can even give out two royal flushes in a row.

If you play quickly, you will earn more...

The quicker you play, the more hands you would hit and so there would be more chances for you to hit the winning hands. However, playing quickly will also result in you losing the money quickly. In video poker, you would lose quite a lot of money in the long run since basically it is a type of slot game which is based on quite a lot of luck and most video poker games have negative expectation.

If your neighbor hits a royal flush, you wouldn't get one...

The only situation when you wouldn't get a royal flush if the machine next to you hits it, is if you are playing the progressive game. In progressive games quite a lot of the machines are linked together and for this reason, when the royal flush is hit the jackpot amount would become nil. However, for the rest of the games if a machine next to you pays out a royal flush, you can still get one on your machine.

These were just some myths which are often believed to be true by video poker players. Video poker is a type of slot game and so quite a lot of myths related to slot machines are often extended to video poker too. Understanding the truth behind these misconceptions would allow you to save a lot of money while playing these games.

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