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Video Poker Glossary - Specific Terminology

Knowing the video poker terms is essential, as the player might not even understand what the rules and strategies mean while explaining. If you are reading this then Video Poker is your favorite online game. That is why we decided to help the novices out.

Ace high - any hand which has an ace as the highest value card.

Bankroll - the amount of funds that a player has available for betting in game of video poker.

Bust - a hand which is totally worthless and which does not improve.

Credits - credit is the virtual coin in video poker. If you are playing a $1 game then one credit would be $1.

Draw poker - a form of poker where you are given 5 cards and then you can discard your cards in order to get fresh cards to replace them.

Fishhooks - a name used for jacks.

Garbage hand - any hand which is totally worthless.

High pair - any pair which will give out a payout in jacks or better video poker game is called the high pair.

Inside straight - four cards without any inside card of a straight. For Example, Ace, three, four, six, seven

Joker - a special card in the game which can be used as the wild card.

Kicker - in a hand the highest value unmatched card.

Low payout machine - any machine which does not offer a good payout in video poker.

Odds - probability of losing versus winning a hand.

Paint card - a jack, queen or king.

Pat hand - a hand which is good enough for you to keep all the five cards.

Payoff schedule - the chart which shows all winning combinations for which the player would be paid.

Power poker - a type of video poker where the player can play multiple hands.

Progressive video poker - a type of video poker where the jackpot keeps on accumulating.

Rainbow - a hand where the cards are of different card suits.

Rank - a term used for a straight.

Royal flush - a hand which has 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit, this would be the highest paying hand in the video poker. There are also other types of royal flushes which would be paid.

Run - another term used for straight.

Set - a term used for 3 of a kind.

Straight - a hand with 5 cards in a sequence but in different suits.

Straight flush - a straight flush is five cards in the same suit in a row. Like 7, 8, 9, 10 and J of the diamonds. The straight flush would be the second highest paying hand in the video poker games.

Suited - a hand with cards from the same card suit.

Three flush - 3 cards from the same suit.

3 of a kind - three cards of the same value like three 7s.

Trey - another term for a three.

Two flushes - 2 cards from the same card suit.

Two pairs - a hand where there are two different pairs of matching ranks and the fifth card acts as a kicker. An example would be two 6s, two Ks and a Queen.

Wild card - a wild card is any card which can be a substitute for the other cards in a deck. If you have the wild card then the possibility of forming the winning hand is increased. In the video poker variation of deuces wild, the four deuces act as the wild card.

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If you learn how to play the hands right, video poker will be your favorite online game among other attractions.

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