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Omega II - New Betting Strategy

Omega II is a level two card counting strategy with a 99% efficiency of betting. It was invented by Bryce Carlson and published in 2001 in his “Blackjack for Blood” book.

The level of complexity of the Omega II counting strategy for its users is rather moderate, so the beginners can learn it in fast terms, but it is better to be used by a more advanced blackjack player. At the same time this system is highly precise and efficient! Such strategies as Omega II are very popular and one can find them on lots of websites, even those like playpoker or blackjackage. As we mentioned above, the betting efficiency is near to 99%, which gives the player biggest possible advantage above the house and makes Omega II almost the perfect counting strategy.

Omega II is pretty similar to Zen Count. Especially in the card values, which are the following:

Cards 2,3 and 7 should be counted as +1

Cards 4,5, and 6 should be counted as +2

9’s should be counted as -1

Cards from 10 to King should be counted as -2

8’s and Aces should be counted as 0

The Omega II strategy, similar to the Zen Count, is a balanced strategy. It means that the player at the very beginning of the game starts counting from zero, and ends in the very end with zero count. If it doesn’t – there must have been some mistake in player’s counting. Between the beginning and ending player counts all cards from the blackjack table using Omega II card values.

Because it is a level two strategy and it involves more complicated card value systems than first level strategies like Hi Lo count, it is very important to be as much concentrated on the game as possible. If you distract from the game for a second and forget your count there will be no point in beginning the count again in the middle of the game, but if you will be concentrated and use Omega II correctly this strategy will help you a lot.

The only imperfection of the system is that the aces are counted as 0, and that means that they aren’t counted at all, which is bad. As you may already know it is very important to keep track on aces, because they are the highest cards in the game, and cards with which blackjack combinations are made. When system does not count aces the player needs to count them him\herself, and that means that you will need to keep two different counts in your head – one common and a separate one for Aces, which is very inconvenient, and with one simple distraction the whole counting will fail.

Like the most of all other counting strategies the main target of the Omega II is to wait till the maximum positive count is reached. The bigger is the positive count the more of high valued cards left in the deck. When it is reached player needs to put bigger bets in order to win more money. On the other hand, if the count is a big negative number it means that there are more of low valued cards left in the deck, and making of big bets is foolish and dangerous.

The same as with all counting strategies while using Omega II you should be very careful for the casino not to spot you out. Again we advise first of all to master the basic strategy of blackjack, only after that, as a positive asset to the strategy, you can learn the counting strategies.

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