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Jacks or Better Video Poker Game

Video poker is a great combination of two of the most popular games - slots and poker. Poker is a game which is loved by millions of players and thus video poker has also become quite a huge hit. Most love is given to Jacks or Better video poker as this games offers the best gaming options as well as good payouts. Video poker games have different variations and you will definitely find those which you will like and maybe some of them will become your favorite games to play.

In order to achieve a positive result you got to use a correct playing strategy for each variation. However, always keep in mind that only a few number of video poker games allow you to achieve these positive results. Amongst the video poker games the most popular is Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better has a 99.5% payback which is very high even among all possible casino games. This means that you get a good rate of return. It also allows you to get the required experience to move onto other more complicated games.

Best Variation of Video Poker

If you want to play some interesting game with easy to understand rules, you should choose Jacks or Better. As a matter of fact, it is a good game to play anytime. By examining the flush payout chart and the full house you can recognize a good-paying machine. You will be paid 9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush on a 9/6 machine.

Another thing you should consider is the royal flush payout. To get a royal flush you should play on non-progressive machines that reward a minimum of 4,000 coins. This means that you play a maximum of five coins (it is recommended that you always play the maximum) and if you end up with a royal flush you'd receive $4000 coins back.

Today, the most popular version of Video Poker is Jacks or Better. It infers its name (like many other Video Poker games) from the rules which separate it from other games. In order to receive any coins back in Jacks or Better you will need to get a better hand or a pair of Jacks.

You'd get 5 coins back, if you betted 5 coins and got a pair of Jacks. Better hands disburse payouts in accordance with the particular machine's pay table. In order to win you have to get a two pair or higher. We have listed a typical payout schedule below:

If the machine you've chose is a 9/6 (full pay) machine, the full house payout for each coin would be 9, and payouts for a flush would be maximum 6. You should look out for this in a Jacks or Better machines. Most likely, the first box you sit down to won't be a full pay video poker machine. There are numerous examples of 8/5 machines which you should avoid.

If you have an intention to become a serious video poker player, you should also learn the strategies.

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If you learn how to play the hands right, video poker will be your favorite online game among other attractions.

Wondering how to play video strip poker? Better figure out how to play slots online first and then practice with others.

Playing video poker is a good choice comparing to slots. The overall return is much better in most cases.

Knowing the video poker and other slot games terms is essential to understand what the rules and strategies.

If you want to play video poker, you should keep in mind many things to make the most of your money.