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Jacks or Better Bonus Video Poker Game

Starting to play video poker you will find a lot of interesting games: Jacks or Better, All American, Joker Wild, Deuces Wilds, Bonus Video Poker, Double Bonus Poker and many more.All of them have some common features while they still are different especially in payouts. Some games over a long run give more than a 100% potential payback. If you want to get a positive result in the game you have to choose a correct playing strategy for each variation. However, always keep in mind that only a few number of video poker games allow you to achieve these positive results even if your strategy suits the game. And keep in mind that not all the games pay you back in full. Jacks or Better has a 99.5% payback while the perfect match is 100%. This means that you get a good rate of return - almost all sum that you bet. Besides, this game will be a good choice for mastering your poker skills.

Jacks or Better

When you first begin to play video poker, Jacks or Better will be the perfect choice. Most of the players are affraid to start new games as they should learn a lot of new complicated rules, but this game is very easy and interesting to play, besides it combines features of the most popular poker variations.

Another thing you should consider is the royal flush payout. To get a royal flush you should play on non-progressive machines that reward a minimum of 4,000 coins. This means that you play a maximum of five coins (it is recommended that you always play the maximum) and if you end up with a royal flush you'd receive $4000 coins back.

Jacks or Better Bonus

It might seem that Jacks or Better Bonus is quite similar to the traditional version of Jacks or Better game. They do share a few features; however, still they are different games. The substantial difference is the adding of 2 payouts - for Four 2's, 3's or 4's and even for 4 Aces pay more than Four of a Kind.

The main difference between both the games is that when you play the basic Jacks or Better the highest prize for 5 coins is $4000. It's the same here. The payoff for a Full House has changed to 8/40 and for a Flush it is 5/25. This makes this an 8/5 machines, but it can without question be a 9/6 or a 7/5 machine.

The traditional Jacks or Better game is entertaining too. However, as more and more players played the game and it became quite common and boring, it was necessary for the game developers to come up with something which was a little more interesting. As it happened with the game, the same thing is happening with the gambling spots, as it is not always easy to find the best one.

The basic game became boring for players who wanted more punch and extra features and thus the jacks or better bonus game had been introduced. It had to be infused with some punch and energy. This is the same reason why the next game was made up Deuces Wild Video Poker brings more variety to the game and is also widely popular.

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