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Difference Between No Deposit Bonuses and Free Trial Bonuses

If someone asked you about your favorite type of bonus, you’d probably say it’s the one that lets you play for free. Many of us like to enjoy a couple of spins without paying for them, or a game of free poker no deposit entailed.

However, online bingo fans have an interesting choice before them – choosing between a No Deposit Bonus and a Free Trial Bonus. Although these two seem to be the same thing as they offer free cash, they’re not, and this may cause confusion and even disappointment among online bingo punters who don’t make sure they realize the difference between them.

No deposit bingo is much favored among those who frequent online bingo rooms. It’s usually offered as a sign-up (welcome) bonus and it is given to you after you decide to join a bingo site. Such bonuses will most likely have certain playthrough requirements, and you won’t be able to withdraw until you’ve fulfilled these. Also, you need to check out each individual bonus’s terms and conditions before you opt for it because they may have additional requests, such as that for a small deposit in order to make a withdrawal; or certain limitations on games that you can play with that free money; or they can be non-cashable, which means that even if you comply with all the wagering requirements, you will not be able to keep the bonus money itself.

On the other hand, those who prefer free trial bingo have their reasons as well. Namely, this type of bonus allows players to have a taste of the bingo site they’re considering depositing at. This is a sort of fun play in bingo, as the money given to players is play money and even if you win something your winnings will be null and void.

Now, both these types of bonuses have their charms. Still, a great majority of us will give advantage to no deposit bonuses as despite certain limitations they still let you scoop your winnings.

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