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Deuces Wild Winning Strategy

Deuces Wild can be played with a normal deck of 52 cards and the four Deuces are used as Wild cards. Deuces Wild video poker strategy is widely spread among players. Because of the advantage of the four Wild cards, the lowest payout in Deuces Wild is for three of a kind and not for two pairs or a single pair. Even though the flushes or the full houses seem to be not worth the effort, the fact is that they are very important in the long run since there are higher chances of hitting them in the game because of the four Wild cards. There are also differences in the variations of the game.

Deuces Wild has a five of a kind which is lower than four of a kind since they would have a Wild card. The royal flushes are not too important in the game if they are made with the help of the Wild cards.

The payout schedules in Deuces Wild would be quite different than the other games and would fluctuate in different casinos. Some casinos pay more for particular hands while some other pay lesser for the same hand. You can also compare this strategy to the Jacks or Better strategy.

The Strategy

In Deuces Wild, the odds of getting a Deuce in the hand are one in 3 hands which is quite good. Given below are a few strategies which can be used in the game.

  • If you have five of a kind you should definitely keep it
  • If you have a royal flush you should keep it too.
  • If you have a hand with all the four Deuces you should keep it since it would be counted as five of a kind.
  • If you have just 3 Deuces then you should keep the 3 Deuces and draw two new cards.
  • If you have two Deuces and two cards for a royal flush or a straight flush then you should keep all the four and try your luck by drawing a new fifth card.
  • If you have a pair and two Deuces then it would be four of a kind so you should keep all four cards and try by drawing a fifth card.
  • If you have one card for a royal flush and 2 Deuces then try to develop the royal flush by drawing 2 new cards.
  • If you just have 2 Deuces then try to draw three new cards and see if you can make a good hand.
  • If you have 3 cards for a royal flush and a Deuce then try to complete the hand by drawing a fifth new card.
  • If you have any winning hand and one Deuce then you should keep the winning hand.

These were some of the basic rules and recommendations which can be used in Deuces Wild. These tips would help you concentrate on the game better since there is a set action line to be followed. Following these for the long term would improve your chances for winning better money at Deuces Wild. Before playing video poker for real money you should learn the difference between the casino and online video poker.

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